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Stage in Atlanta USA

Stage mit Shihan Peter Angerer

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Hell Storm 2

Official Announcement

Official Announcement

The Board of Kokusai Tatsu Bugei Renmei recognise that ours is a organic organisation, and operates much like a family. And as brothers and sisters grow and leave the family unit, so too have some moved on. You know who you are and we wish you the best of luck and happiness. We were there at an important part of the senior instructors lives when they pledge their love for each other and this gives them a special part of our history.

However, as they start on their own path, it must be remembered that the grades they hold; and those of their students, are only recognised within the Art of Tatsu Ryu Karate Do and as they have chosen to leave, these grades are no longer valid.

Shihan Niklas Albrecht

Bestandene J&S Leiter Kurse

Wir gratulieren unseren beiden Budokas Sensei Marina Albrecht und Senpai Eva Rebecca Müller zur bestandenen Jugen und Sport Leiter Prüfung! Das Schweizer Honbu ist sehr stolz auf Euch! BIG OSU!
Congratulations to our two Budokas Sensei Marina Albrecht and Eva Senpai Rebecca Müller on passing Jugen and Sport conductor test! The Swiss honbu is very proud of you! BIG OSU!

IBK Karate Camp 2015

Self Defense

Italy Spring Camp

Bruno Comba Shihan as the new Branch Chief of Italy

We are very happy to announce, that Bruno Comba Shihan has joined the Kokusai Tatsu Bugei Renmei and is now a full Member of the Tatsu Clan!
Bruno Comba Shihan represents Tatsu Ryu Karate Do as the new Branch Chief in Italy. He is responsable for this unique Group of Martial Artists. As a Pioneer of Martial Arts in his Country he is absolutely one of the best man we could get. The Tatsu Board is giving Bruno Comba Shihan full credybility and is looking forward to a fruitfull cooperation. 
We are very proud to have such a strong man in our organisation, and we sure can learn a lot from him, so the whole Organisation can profit from Shihans know how!
Many thanks for your trust in us!
The Kokusai Tatsu Bugei Renmei Board
Shihan Niklas Albrecht, Shihan Roly Sime, Sensei Marina Albrecht, Sensei Andreas Fraenzel, Sensei Nick Andrews, Sensei Florian Gruber

Gold and Silver

Karate Kids Tounament 2014

Karate Kids Tounament 2014

Camp 2013


CARDIFF ATTACK 29.11.-1.12.13

A BUDO KARATE SEMINAR 29. Nov – 1. Dec 2013
Friday:            Arrival in Cardiff
Saturday:       08.30 – 10.00                       1 Session
                        10.30 – 12.00                       2 Session
                        12.00 – 13.00                       Lunch (on your own costs)
                        13.00 – 14.30                       3 Session
                        15.00 – 16.30                       4 Session
                        Dinner will be at Jamies Italian in Cardiff Center
                        (on your own costs)
Sunday:         09.00 – 11.00                       Yudanshas only
Session:        This will be a Full Contact Budo Karate Seminar.
                        Tactics in Standup Fighting
                        Takedown Strategy
                        Steet approved Selfdefence
                        Bunkai in another way
Dojo:              Cardiff Martial Arts Acadamy
                        Unit 4, Norbury Road
                        Fairwater, Cardiff CF5 3AU
                        Senpai Nick Andrews +44 7861 420994
Costs:             IBK Member 20 £
                        Guests 25 £
Hotel:             Premier Inn, Barry Island
                        Triangle Site, Fford Y Mileniwm, The Waterfront,
                       Hood Road CF62 5QN

Interview with Shihan Niklas at the OSU! Magazin from NY


I am very pleased to already announce the second tournament in Sargans.
Again we will be in the SportComplex Riet in Sargans.
This time we will only measure in kumite "clicker", and here we are
have the following categories:
Karate Girls up to 140 cm
Karate Girls from 141 cm
Karate Boys to 140 cm
Karate Boys from 141 cm
We are really looking forward to this exciting tournament! OSU!

New Trailer

Karate Camp 2013

Fight in France

WTKA World Champion Ships

Karate Camp