Welcome to the Kokusai Tatsu Bugei Renmei - International League of Tatsu Ryu Martial Arts
In the Tatsu Ryu Karate Dojo we train a traditional Budo Karate (Full Contact Karate) with modern Selfdefence and Kyusho Elements.
But what does Tatsu Ryu Karate Do mean?
Tatsu Dragon
Ryu Style, Clan, Family
Karate empty Hand
Do Way

The way of the empty Hand in the style of a Dragon
We are often asked questions like: “Why did you invent or combinate something new?”, “Why couldn’t you stay in the old way?”
Well, the answers of those questions are really simple.
Long time ago, Karate in it’s old form, was created to protect yourself of Swords'man or other bad guys. But today, you will not find anybody running around with a Katana (japanese Sword) trying to kill you. So we needed modern selfdefence, which is useful for today's situation.
Selfdefence is just ONE focus Tatsu Ryu Karate Do is looking at. We are concentraining on 4 different aspects, which are:
Kino Basic and Technical Training
Kata Drills and Forms
Kumite Fighting
Kenka Self Defense
Our Moto:
Loyality is our strength
Chusei kokora wa, watachitachi no tsuyomidesu
Kihon and Kata are most important for People who are training Tatsu Ryu Karate Do. Kihon and Kata are the basement for us. And without basement, you can not build up on it. As it was very important for Gichin Funakoshi (Founder of the modern karate), it is also very important for us.
Beside fitness, hand- eyecoordination, persistence, conzentration and power, it is the community 

We are the Representetive of Kyokushin Kan in Switzerland